Prototype/Small volume

PCB specification
of SMT operation

Length x Width Minimum 50 x 30mm L<50mm?or?W<30mm
Maximum 510 x 460mm 800>L>510mm
Thickness Minimum 0.2mm
Maximum 5mm T>5mm
PCB specification
of DIP operation
Length x Width Minimum 50 x 30mm L<50mm
Maximum 510 x 460mm 1000>L>510mm
Thickness Minimum 0.4mm
Maximum 5mm T>5mm
Specification of SMT component Outline size Min. specifications 0603(0201) 0602(01005)
Max. size 45 x 45mm 68x68mm(45x150mm)
Thickness of component 25.4mm T>25.4mm
QFP/SOP/SOJ/IC Socket etc. Min. distance of PIN Pitch=0.4mm Pitch=0.3mm
CSP, BGA Min. distance of BGA ball Pitch=0.5mm Pitch=0.3mm

Our Certifications

  • - Approved UL manufacturer, UL Number: E319737
  • - Certified ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 14001
  • - RoHs compliant
  • - IPC Class 2 & 3
  • - CPCA member
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